We are BOLD Australia and we are proud of it!

BOLD Australia is a small, family-run business based in Cairns where we create our own designs and print them onto a range of colourful products. Our artwork is inspired by Australia’s unique wildlife, our sweeping landscapes and the very spirit that courses through the veins of every Australian.

Many of our products are AUSTRALIAN MADE and they carry the Australia Made logo to prove it! All of our apparel is designed and printed here in Australia too – we print everything ourselves!

We are tree-hugging hippies at heart and we do our very best to ensure that we are kind to the environment at every stage of our business. We are extremely conservative with our use of resources and wherever we can we use recycled materials and vegetable-based inks, for instance in our swing tags and stationery…even this website is recycled! (Well, not really.)

For more specific information on each of our product categories follow the links below.

BOLD Animal Flags and Wall Banners
BOLD Clothing
BOLD Greeting Cards