BOLD Australia Greeting Cards

Uluru Greeting Card
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Australia is a bright and colourful continent, one that Australians are extremely proud to call home. Our unique wildlife includes and enormous array of cute, colourful characters, majestic and intriguing beasts and some of the world’s deadliest critters. Our sweeping landscapes and dramatic landmarks create a spectacular backdrop to this wild and endearing country. In radiant colours, this series of blank greeting cards, designed by local Australian artist, Justin Keniger, captures the essence and the energy of some our most iconic wildlife and our most dramatic landmarks.

– Our artwork is inspired by Australia’s unique wildlife, our sweeping landscapes and the very spirit that courses through the veins of every Australian.
– Printed locally in Australia.
– Printed on Recycled Card
– ‘Australian Made’ accredited product.
– Cards are available individually or in packs of six – ‘Landmarks’ and ‘Wildlife’.
– Each card is supplied with an envelope that is made in Australia from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper (what you put in your curb-side recycling bin).
– Card size: A6 – 14.8cm x 10.4cm
– All our cards are BLANK CARDS.