BOLD Australian Animal Flags

Flags in Forest

Brighten your space with these unique, educational, Australian decorations. Each colourful BOLD Flag String Set displays six of the best of our unique Australian animals. They can be hung to capture the breeze or to capture the imagination. Now we also have a set with six of our favourite DINOSAURS!!

-Designed, printed and hand-made (by hard-working Australians!) in Cairns, Australia.
-Hang them anywhere – indoors or outdoors.
-Lightweight and unbreakable to pack or send.

We have created nine different sets of BOLD Australian Animal Flags (plus one set of dinosaurs):

– Iconic Australian Animals
– Rainbow colours, Earthy colours and Berry (Pink) colours
– The set of Aussie animals that every visitor to Australia hopes they can see in the wild!
– Kookaburra, Wombat, Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Koala, Platypus, Short-Beaked Echidna.

– Tropical Australian Animals
– Aqua (blue and green) colours
– Six of our most iconic locals in Tropical North Queensland!
– Southern Cassowary, White-Lipped Tree Frog, Spectacled Flying Fox, Barramundi, Ulysses Butterfly and Common Clownfish.

– Deadly Australian Animals
– Red colours and Blue colours
– Each of these critters is the deadliest of its kind in the world…all just waiting for their next victim!
– Box Jellyfish, Great White Shark, Inland Taipan, Saltwater Crocodile, Blue-Ringed Octopus, Sydney Funnelweb

– Cute Australian Animals
– Pink colours and Colourful (Rainbow) colours
– A selection of some of Australia’s most cute and cuddly animals.
– Australian Sea-Lion, Cairns Birdwing Butterfly, Bilby, Barn Owl, Little Penguin, Sugar Glider

– Ocean Australian Animals
– Blue colours
– Animals you will find living in Australia’s oceans, seas and reefs…if you are lucky enough.
– Leafy Sea-Dragon, Reef Manta Ray, Common Bottlenose Dolphin, Green Turtle, Nautilus, Humpback Whale

– Fossil colours (Green, bone and brown).
– A set of the most friendly and ferocious dinosaurs. Even though these aren’e Aussie animals, everybody loves dinosaurs!.
– Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl, Brachiosaurus, Parasaurolophus.

– All prints are Australian native animals (or dinosaurs) and each flag has the scientific and common name of the animal so they are great for education.
– Rainbow colours are perfect for helping infants to learn the colours as they can associate the colour with an animal.
– Some of the animal designs are of very elusive and unusual Australian animals to highlight our amazing biodiversity.

– The set is made of six flags, each a different bright colour, hanging from a 3m ribbon.
– Each flag is 17cm x 23cm and the ribbon is 6mm wide.
– There is about 85cm of ribbon either side of the flags, so that you can easily attach the flags to a hook, a tree, or pin the ribbon to a wall.
– Each set of flags weighs approximately 40 grams including packaging.

– No plastic is used in the packaging – only natural and recycled products.
– BOLD Flags are rolled and tied with a natural jute cord, and fitted with a small swing tag.
– At retail the flags hang from a colourful recycled card hanging sleeve.
– Almost no waste is created in the manufacture of this product, and we recycle 100% of all offcuts of fabric and card.

BOLD Australian Animal Flags
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