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Check out our awesome new Adults T-Shirt designs. They are unique and thought-provoking. You'll be the coolest bloke on the block!

Welcome to BOLD Australia!

Australia is a bright, colourful country, rich in unique wildlife, blessed with awe-inspiring scenery and riddled with all manner of crazy characters.

Our unique range of high-quality, hand-made gifts and souvenirs capture the essence of what makes Australia loveable: the cute and cuddly, the deadly dangerous and the quirky and beautiful. Now we also have a range of quirky adult T-shirt designs as well as DINOSAURS printed on flags and shirts! All of our BOLD products are proudly designed and printed, and many are entirely hand-made, in Cairns, Australia.

As passionate carers of our fragile world, we have minimised the impact of our business by creating BOLD Australia products from earth-friendly materials, recycled card, ethically sourced garments, low energy processes and plastic-free packaging. We respect the principle that we can either be part of the problem or part of the solution!

Whether you are interested in a unique souvenir, modern Australian artwork or just a fun gift to brighten the world of your friends and family, BOLD Australia has the product for you.